Juma Kareem Nov 2015


It really feels good to be back on blogging Alhumdullilah. Well today is Masha’Allah beautiful Juma, chilly falls and breezy. 

I pray everyone is having a safe Juma and have a safe enjoyable weekend! 

I wanted to share Halal Cosmetics Logo with you, which I helped coming up with๐Ÿ˜œ. 


Assalam alaikum

Assalam’Alaikum (Peace Be Upon You),

I apologize for disappearing like that, but Alhumdullillah I am doing well. Our Facebook page for Muslimah411 got hacked, so we have been having a tough time. Here is another Muslimah411 Facebook Page. Please do visit, like, and share!

In the meantime, I have been helping a group of friends work on their website called Halal Cosmetics. I will be posting all their products here as well, so to make it easier for you to purchase/gift Halal Cosmetics.

I know sisters, when we do Hijab, we also want to be pure and halal, which can be quite challenging and difficult in this time and age. Majority of cosmetics are haram (not permissible per Islam) due to animal ingredient(s), blood, alcohol, and/or animal testing.

So weย have partnered with Halal Cosmeticsย for everyday halal cosmetics wear, Alhumdullillah!