Respect & Kindness — The Key to Success

We have come to a time, where many people don’t know or feel to be kind or respectful towards other human beings. No matter what our beliefs, religion, education, class, status, gender, wealth, and etc is, we still have a responsibility to be kind and respectful to another human being.

Sitting  behind a computer doesn’t change anything, we still have to be kind and respectful to each other. You may not agree to someone’s opinion, perspective, dress, and etc, yet you are still responsible as a human being to be kind and respectful

“There is a reward for kindness in every living thing”– Prophet Muhammad (SAW)


Part 1 — Dressing Hijab for Women

Hijab is a scarf that covers head and chest of women.

  • Scarf cannot be too tight, that an individual has hard time breathing/eating, and etc
  • Scarf cannot be transparent or see through
  • Scarf cannot be too short, that it shows ears, hairs, and neck (front and back)

Part 1—In order to do hijab, one HAS to be dressed modestly.

Modest meaning

HAS TO BE                     CANNOT BE

Loose fitting tops                    Cannot be transparent/see through/cannot be tight or revealing                    in any aspect/cannot be tight fitting

Loose fitting pants                  Cannot be transparent/see through/cannot be tight or revealing in                any aspect/cannot be tight fitting

Loose fitting skirts                  Cannot be transparent/see through/cannot be tight or revealing in                any aspect/cannot be tight fitting

Long sleeves                           Cannot be transparent/see through/cannot be tight or revealing                    in any aspect/cannot be tight fitting

No makeup/Light make up     Cannot be full of make up

Light perfume/fragrance          Cannot be heavy of fragrance

Clean or henna nails                Cannot use nail polish

Feet covered with socks/tights         Cannot show feet/ankles

Soundless shoes/low sound shoes     Cannot wear high heels that make loud sounds

Reality of Hijab Introduction

In today’s society, hijab is basically labeled as “women/religious oppression” or on flip side of it “fashion”  So what is the reality of Hijab? Many individuals are extremely confused and unfortunately have relied on media.

Let me try to clear and provide proper understanding. Hijab is not simply a cloth and only for women, it is more than just a head piece and hijab is equally (more so) for men. Let me illustrate and share some guidelines for both men and women.

Since hijab has so much in depth information, I am going to break into parts.


“Hijab” Friendly Businesses and Organizations List

If you are a Muslimah or Non Muslim sister, who donned hijab for the sake of your belief/faith and is looking to work. I will be updating this post whenever I find any/all businesses/organizations hijab friendly.

  • Kohl’s —  Clothing department store.
  • Home Depot —  House Improvement store.
  • Dropbox — Cloud storage, file synchronization, personal cloud, and client software. (San Francisco, California)
  • Microsoft — Develops, manufactures, licenses, supports and sells computer software, consumer electronics and personal computers and services

***Please note

In USA, no company can discriminate you on the basis of hijab, but it does happen.

Religious Discrimination

Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act prohibits religious discrimination by employers. Under this act, employers must make “reasonable accommodations” that allow employees to practice their religion if the practice is not disruptive. Allowing someone to miss two hours of work per day might be considered disruptive, but courts have ruled in favor of plaintiffs who wanted minor deviations from dress codes. Employees must demonstrate that they need the accommodation due to a sincerely held religious belief and that there is currently a conflict between the religious belief and work requirements.

What to Do

If your employer has asked you to stop wearing the hijab, send him a letter in writing documenting your request for a religious accommodation. Document any instances of discriminatory behavior or harassment, and remain calm. If your employer still insists on the removal of the hijab, contact the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, which often sues on behalf of workers. Consider hiring a lawyer to draft a strongly-worded letter to your employer, particularly if you don’t want to quit your job.

Retail Experience as Employee and Customer

I am not kind of person, who goes to shopping frequently, but of course we all have to go shopping. Yesterday, I went to shopping with my mom, in a nearby mall. Usually wherever I go, I am only hijabi, but yesterday Alhumdullillah I was met by two wonderful hijabi sisters!

One of the cashiers was hijabi and she was so patient with everyone. Finally my turn came and it was refreshing that stores such as Kohls was accepting diversity, Alhumdullillah. This sister was very nice and Alhumdullillah no one felt negative towards her.

I too work in a retail store with my hijab and Alhumdullillah no one has said anything. When people who say or assume that hijabi women are “limited” or “create fear” really need to check themselves.

I will try to list, which stores/businesses are “hijabi” friendly if you are looking to work (anywhere is USA). So far I have come across two, since I wasn’t actively looking until yesterday. Now that Alhumdullillah that I have this platform (Muslimah411 Blog), I will try to keep a lookout and keep you posted. If you see anything please comment and/or email me so we can highlight that for our hijabi sisters (Muslims and non Muslims).

The Lies of April or Kithbat Neesaan – How it reflects Islam

“April Fool” in Arabic, Kithbat Neesaan or “The Lies of April”

The origin of this lying is not known for sure. There are differing opinions concerning that:

  • It may have developed from the celebrations of spring at the equinox on March 21
  • This innovation appeared in France in 1564 CE, after the introduction of a new calendar, (when a person who had refused to accept the new calendar became the victim of some people who had subjected him to embarrassment and made fun of him, so he became a laughing-stock for others)
  • This celebration may go back to ancient times and the pagan celebrations connected to a specific date at the beginning of spring, so this is the remnant of pagan rituals. (It was said that hunting in some countries was unsuccessful during the first days of the hunt in some countries. This was the origin of these lies which are made up on the first day of April)

 Le poisson d’avril

Europeans call “April Fool” le poisson d’avril or “April fish”

The reasons for this tradition are several, but none can be considered accurate

  • The sun moves from the zodiacal house of “Pisces” to the next house
  • The word poisson, which means fish, is a distortion of the word passion, which means suffering
  • Symbol of the suffering endured by Isa (AS) (Jesus peace be upon him) [1]

Basic History or Incidences of April Fools Day

  • The first mention of April Fool in the English language was in a magazine known as Dreck Magazine. On the second day of April in 1698 CE, this magazine mentioned that a number of people were invited to come and watch the washing of black people in the Tower of London on the morning of the first day of April.
  • One of the most famous incidents that happened in Europe on April 1st was when the English newspaper, the Evening Star, announced in March 1746 CE that the following day – April 1st – that there would be an parade of donkeys in Islington, in England. The people rushed to see these animals and there was a huge crowd. They continued waiting  and when they got tired of waiting, they asked about when the parade would be. They did not find anything, then they knew that they had come to make an exhibition of themselves, as if they were the donkeys!

Present Time

Known as April Fools Day or All Fools Day

  • Cause of the lies that they tell so that those who hear them might believe them and thus become a victim for those who  are making fun of him

Islam Aspect

This is the law of Allah (swt) in which is wisdom and care for people’s circumstances.

And Allah (swt) is the Haqq [Truth] and the Source of Strength.

  • Lying is prohibited in Islam
  • Making fun of someone or something is haraam (forbidden) is Islam
  • Creates enmity, anger, depression, stress, anxiety, hatred, lack of trust, barriers, and etc

April Fools Day


Search for Islam

Muslims fooled by April Fool’s Day Internet Urban Legend

Sister Anisah of South Dakota

It Appears That Muslims Are the Fools

[1] According to the claims of the Christians, and they claim that this happened in the first week of April

Muslimah’s Hijab Challenge from South Africa

Assalaamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wabarakaathu.

As a teenager, I remember my father reprimanding me if I did not have a scarf on when I left the house. Being a typical teenager, with no thoughts of accountability, it did not take me long to realize that I can wear it when I leave the house but there was nothing compelling me to keep it on. And so it carried on. I would wear my scarf when I left the house and if I was not with my father, I took it off. Oblivious, or rather consciously blocking the verse, “…and whatsoever good ye do, lo! ALLAH (swt) is aware of it…” Noble Qur’an, Surah 2, Verse 215) from my mind. But I always knew at the back of my mind and in my heart that I would like to wear the hijab someday, just not then! ‘When I get married’, was that someday.

Well, ’someday’ eventually dawned on me. I got proposed and married within three months. Trousseau shopping was rushed, and then to complicate things, a little voice reminded me “You’re getting married-time for that scarf”. Subhan’Allah, I now not only had to go out and get clothes, I needed scarves to match. I was also consciously more careful with my choice of clothes. I made sure that they were long sleeved and that my tops were longer as I knew that wearing a scarf with short sleeves or short tops were defeating the purpose of hijab.

For my wedding I wore an eastern outfit and had my hair covered, though not fully. I now wish I had covered it fully. The most beautiful brides I remember now are those with their hair (and necks) fully covered, with no part of their body showing. There is a noor emanating from these brides that goes beyond physical beauty. For myself, it was the day after my wedding that the true test began. The fact that my husband approved of my hijab made it much easier for me as did the fact that I had a dear friend and cousin -in-law who was already wearing a scarf. I was not the only one among my peers that was doing it. At times though, I must admit, it was very difficult for me. Although I did not wear revealing clothes before, I was very fashion conscious – latest fashion trends, hair always done up and make-up applied. Now, I often felt ‘old fashioned’. Comments by those close to me to that effect hurt more than you can imagine. I was constantly reminded about my dressing in the past and more often than not was asked “What happened to you?” not in a complimentary way, I might add. Often my husband was blamed or given credit for my adopting the hijab, depending on which way people looked at it. These comments made me stronger and I did not ever consider taking it off. I persevered and Alhamdulillah a few years later, also with my husband’s consent, I started wearing an Abaya. I’ve emphasised my husband’s approval because sadly many sisters fight their own jihad with regards to their husband disapproval of their hijab. Some only wear it when their husbands are not with them; some have to endure their husbands open contempt of it or even verbal abuse. Here I must add, that we must remember not to judge anyone especially those that outwardly seem to be regressing with regards to their hijaab, after having adopted it. We have no idea what their circumstances are, rather we should make dua for them and seek ALLAH (swt)’S protection from that happening to us.

Today as a mother of three daughters, I realize that my father’s demands all those years ago were a result of love and concern for me and not ‘to make my life difficult’ as I believed his intentions to be. I often wonder if my decision would have come sooner had I been encouraged by my parents to start wearing the hijab as a pre-teen. Alhamdulillah this realization has made it possible for me to be conscious of my daughters dressing. My eldest is now thirteen years old, and has been in hijab before she became baaligh (puberty), Subhaan’ALLAH. To this end I must give credit to her Muallimah (Muslimah teacher who teaches Islam), at that time, which made my job effortless. May ALLAH reward her with the best of rewards and continue to use her to inspire our daughters, Ameen.

Dear Sisters, to those of you that have a sincere desire to wear hijab and are thinking about it, May ALLAH make it easy for you to please Him. Remember ALLAH says in a Hadith Qudsi, “…And whosoever comes to me walking I will go to him running….” (Muslim, Ibn Majah and Ahmad). That is ALLAH’s promise dear sisters that is all it takes. Take the plunge and put it on! Everything to lose and the pleasure of ALLAH to gain. HE will make it easy for you. Do not be like me and wait for that ‘someday, one day, Insha’ALLAH…’ I had no guarantee that I would live to see ‘someday’ and neither do you. May ALLAH fill the hearts of those standing in your way with understanding. Subhaan’ALLAH, some of my greatest critics are now wearing the hijab!

May ALLAH guide us and all those that have a sincere desire to adopt hijab to follow HIS commands and make it easy for us and them. May ALLAH guide all our actions with sincerity and the best of intentions and accept our little steps towards HIM. Just as HE has made our outward dressing in conformity to HIS commands, May HE change the conditions of our hearts and improve our character.

I thank ALLAH for granting me the ability to realize that true pleasure and sweetness of Imaan (faith) comes with pleasing HIM alone. I have learnt by experience that fulfilling the Rights of ALLAH and pleasing HIM, has a ripple effect of pleasing those around you that matter, in my case, my husband and parents. May ALLAH bless them. Ameen

South Africa Masjid

Understanding “True” Islam (Peace)


I want to let you know that I just started FB page of Muslimah411. Please join me and also let your loved ones know about Muslimah411.

We all need to create awareness about the “true” Islam, which is why I started this blog and Alhumdullillah have received positive response. We need to let our family and friends know the difference between what media defines as Islam and the reality of Islam.

It is each Muslims and Muslimah’s duty for proper Dawah (educate, understand, and behave accordingly to Islam) and it is each individuals duty to understand and accept the differences, so we can all live peacefully and without fear.


Muslimah411 Facebook Page

Importance of Shahada

Bismillah e rahmani raheem (In the name of Allah (swt) {God}, Most Gracious, Most Merciful)
Bismillah e rahmani raheem (In the name of Allah (swt) {God}, Most Gracious, Most Merciful)

Ok, in my previous post I described the meaning of Shahada, now it is time to illustrate the importance of Shahada.

Islam is the only religion that solely depends on Shahada

I testify there is no God, but Allah (SWT) ( الله سُبْحَانَهُ وتَعَالَى), He has no partners.

By believing and saying this is you are sincerely acknowledging that Allah (swt) is the sole Creator of all, and the Supreme Authority over everything and everyone in the universe.

You believe with your soul, body, mind, and heart to:

  • Trust Allah (swt) — Everything happens for good by Will of (Allah (swt)
  • Believe in Allah (swt) — He has the Power over everything in the world, between Heaven and Earth, everything Known and Unknown, everything that is Seen and Unseen
  • Obey Allah (swt) — Five Pillars of Islam, Living by the word of Allah (swt) that is written in Qur’an, following Hadiths of Muhammed (SAW), and being part of Ummah
  • Worship Allah (swt) — Praying Qur’an, Salah, Dua, and etc only to Allah (swt) and no one else. Acting/behaving within Islam

I testify Muhammed (SAW) (صلى الله عليه وسلم‎ ) is His last Messenger and Prophet. 

You believe with your soul, body, mind, and heart to:

  • Belief in the Prophethood of Muhammad (SAW) (Peace and blessings be upon him)
  • Guidance brought by him and contained in his Sunnah (traditions of his sayings and actions),
  • Intention to follow his guidance faithfully.
  • Acknowledging and accepting Muhammad (SAW) (Peace and blessings be upon him) was also a human being, a man with feelings and emotions, who ate, drank and slept, and was born and died, like other men.
  • He had a pure and upright nature, extraordinary righteousness, and an unwavering faith in Allah (SWT) and commitment to Islam, but he was not divine.
  • Muslims do not pray to him, not even as an intercessor, and Muslims abhor the terms “Mohammedan” and “Mohammedanism”

Muslim’s Duty to Allah (swt)

  • Be an exemplary example of good behavior towards all, Muslims and non Muslims alike
  • Act and dress modestly (all Muslims – men and women)
  • Dawah-Spread good through your positive behavior and example
  • Appreciate- Thank Allah (swt) frequently and help people who are in need, regardless of their beliefs